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New crossover Nissan Ariya – coming soon

The premier of conceptual crossover Nissan Ariya took place in Tokyo.

New Mercedes-Benz GLS 09.10.2017

It is supposed that the flagman crossover of the new generation will be a little bit bigger and significantly will reduce its weight.

Autofact:Residents of Churchill leave their cars unlocked 21.09.2017

Residents of Churchill, Canada leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears on Main Street.

The photos of the Bavarian’s biggest crossover appeared on the web 07.09.2017

The photos of the conceptual BMW X7 published in the Bimmerpost forum are considered to be the official ones.

The official premiere of a subcompact sedan built on the basis of Beat/Spark hatchback of the previous generation took place. 31.08.2017

Last year in February Chevrolet has already presented the precursor of the “four-door” – Essentia concept.

Audi introduces new designations of models 24.08.2017

More exactly the models will retain their names, but will get additional digital indexes.

Mercedes released the first video of the new Maybach 10.08.2017

German producer published the first teaser in video format announcing the premiere of the new model which will take place in Pebble Beach at the Elegance competition.

Autofact: Permanently turned on headlights in Sweden 27.07.2017

All transportation means should always have turned on headlights in Sweden.

Regenerated crossover Ford Bronco 20.07.2017

The new Bronco will have a 5-doors body.

Nrw Audi A8 14.07.2017

After the change of generation Audi A8 set some new trends in the class of representative sedans.

Autofact: The first car theft of the world 06.07.2017

The first car theft was fixed on the 8th of June, 1896 – almost 10 years later since the car “birth”.


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