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New Logan and Sandero failed NCAP crash tests

The European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) released the safety ratings of two new models Dacia/Renault Logan and Sandero Stepway.

Duster Crossover customized into luxurious cabrio 27.08.2020

AutoK9, a service center in Romania, հave always been interested in customizing Dacia models. Now they turned second generation Duster crossover into a luxury convertible.


The process started with a heavily damaged car, which underwent four months of restoration at a cost of around 30,000 euros. After exterior changes there are only two doors left, and they are frameless. Also, the front sports slight revisions to the grille and fog lights. For added curb appeal larger black wheels have been mounted with spacers.

The interior is miles better than any stock Dacia. White leather has been used for the seats, while the floors are decked with special wood. Just to spice things up, the archaic Duster center console has gone all-Tesla with a large portrait infotainment system.

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